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Instructions for using Earth Palette 'ULTRA' Cold Dyes.

The Earth Palette Wool Cold Dye system has been specially formulated for dyeing wool, silk and animal fibres.
The dyes are fast to light, washing, water, perspiration and dry cleaning.
These dye packs are a complete system, containing a homogenous mixture of accurately weighed components to give successful dyeing.

Caution: Wear rubber gloves and mask, particularly while handling the dye powder.

Use equipment set aside for dyeing purposes only.

Keep dyes and equipment out of reach of children.

Measure out the required amount of hot water for the quantity of dye (see table below).
Slowly add the dye powder to the hot water while stirring until the dye is dissolved (1-2mins).
If the dye is to be used for greasy fleece or handspun yarn, add the appropriate amount of Fixing Agent ‘A’.

Quantity dye powder

Hot water (Approx 40-50C)

Fixing Agent ‘A’ if needed


3000mls (3litres)



1500mls (1.5L)








Allow the mixture to cool. Store the mixed dye in glass or heavy duty plastic bottles. It will keep for many years. 


Apply the dye to the fibre to be dyed, wrap in plastic and leave for 24 hours at room temperature. If it can be put in the sun or by a source of warmth it will set quicker.
Check for fixation by squeezing the material and if there is no colour in the liquid, the material can be washed in warm water and dried ready for use. If there is still dye in the liquid, leave for a further 24hours.


If you dampen the fibre to be dyed it will take up the dye better.

'Clear' can be used to lighten colours and black to darken them.

For light tints start with ‘clear’ and add dye until the required colour is achieved.

For darker shades start with the colour and add black. The colour you see is the colour you will get on the fibre.

Dye can be applied many ways eg. dip-dyeing (squeeze out excess dye), squirter bottle, paint brush or roller, spray gun, screen printing or block printing, warp painting on loom, tie-dyeing or any way you like!


Dyeing Greasy Fleece Wool

When Dyeing wool, whether fibre, yarn or fabric, a good ratio of dye to add is about 250mls, for every 100gms of wool.

Work the dye into the wool using rubber gloves, until the dye has been applied to your satisfaction.

Wrap the dyed goods in a plastic bag or wrap for a minimum of 24 hours at room temperature (20 – 25 degrees C)

To check the degree of fixation of the dye, squeeze a small amount of liquid out.
If the liquid is clear, the dyes are fixed and the article can be washed off. If there is still colour left in the liquid, leave for longer.
The rate of fixation is dependent on the temperature, at low temperatures, the fixation period may be longer.

To fully develop the fastness of the dyes, it is necessary to remove any unfixed dyes and chemicals from the dyed article, so rinse them well in warm water.

On greasy wool, some of the dye will couple with the wool grease and this grease/dye mixture will wash off, giving some colour to the rinsing water – continue rinsing until no other colour comes off.
The beauty of using this method of dyeing greasy wools is that some of the grease is retained by the fibre, thus enhancing the spinning characteristics.

Dyeing Yarn

A similar technique is used as for the greasy wool – multiple colours can be applied to the one hank, creating a space-dyed or variegated appearance.
One of the best features of this system is that you can see immediately the colour and the effects you are getting – whatever you paint or apply to the fibre will be the final appearance of the dyeing. 
Fixation of the dye is similar to that on greasy wool.

Dyeing Fabric

When dyeing fabric you can really let your imagination run riot. There are endless ideas for designs, colour ways, and dye application.
Once the dye has been applied, the best method of fixing is to lay a sheet of plastic over the fabric and roll the whole lot up.
The plastic stops the dye from marking off.
Allow it to stand for 24 hours, then rinse off.



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