#055 Felting Finishing Wash

Felting Finishing Wash is designed to leave felted items with a soft handle and natural sheen. 
It is based on the Tantech Delicates Wash with the addition of a Lanolin conditioner, which helps the fibres relax at the end of the felting process.
Felting Finishing Wash can be left in without rinsing for a number of reasons:-
1. It is good for the fibre, putting some of the nutrients, like lanoline back in again.
2. It will act as a deterrent to bugs wanting to make a meal of the felt, because of the Tea Tree Oil and Lemon Myrtle.
2. It gives a bit more body and protection.
4. As a deterrent to pilling.

The blend of Tea Tree Oil and Lemon Myrtle helps prevent house moth damage.

It can be used as a general laundry detergent suitable for bed linen and clothing as it contains a unique blend of Melalueca oils (Tea Tree), which has been proven effective against dust mite.

Felting Finishing Wash can also be used as a no-rinse Wool Wash, particulalry on garments susceptible to pilling.


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