#008 Wool Dyeing Kit

The Earth Palette Cold Dyeing Kit has been developed to introduce you to a system of cold-dyeing wool, silk and animal fibres.

It requires no heating to fix the dye, and the dyed fibre is fast to light, washing, dry cleaning, rubbing, and perspiration.

The Kit contains everything you'll need to get started dyeing your own beautiful wool yarns and fibres.
Contents -  7 X 100gms of dye (Black, Blue, Red, Turquoise, Brilliant Red, Rubine, Yellow)
                 1 X 100 gms Clear
                 100mls Fixing Agent 'A'
                 Colour Chart

The Kit contains enough to dye approx 2kgs of fibre or yarn, using the dye liquor at full strength.

We now have a You Tube Channel with various videos on using our dyes. https://youtu.be/OrjzyLYWfVs


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