#003 Guar Gum Thickener

This is a thickener, and can be used whenever you want to use dyes more like a paint.
You can brush the dyes on and they will stay where you put them.
It can also be used for stamping, stenciling or silk screening the dyes. 

Sprinkle the thickener into water or liquid dye, mixing until totally mixed.
It will mix quite easily, but won't actually thicken until you add a pinch of either citric acid or a teaspoon of vinegar.

Don't make the mixture too thick as a slightly thinner solution is better.
To give a good consistency for tie dyeing, use 1/4 - 1/2 teasoon to 250mls of water or dye liquid.
To give a more paint like consistency, use between 1-4 teaspons per litre of water or dye liquid.
Experiment, until you get the thickness you are happy with.

This thickener is only suitable for using wth the Wool and Silk Dyes, not for using with the Earth Palette Cotton Dyes.

Approx 50gms.


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