#0010 'ULTRA' Wool Dyes

We are very pleased to introduce the addition of 7 new colours to our range available.
Emerald Green, Deep Purple, Mustard, Chocolate Brown, Olive, Navy, and Ruby Red.


The Formula of the Wool Dyes has been changed so that the dye powder is much more concentrated, and you only require HALF the amount of powder to make up your dye liquor.

The colours are still the same, its just the Formula that has changed.

To use this NEW ULTRA DYE, please follow the updated Instructions below.


The Earth Palette Cold Dye system has been specially formulated for dyeing wool, silk and animal fibres. The dyes are fast to light, washing, water, perspiration and dry cleaning. These dye packs are a complete system, containing a homogenous mixture of accurately weighed components to give successful dyeing. 


1. Measure 600mls of hot water into a mixing container.

2. For greasy wool, stir in 4 teaspoons of Fixing Agent A.

3. Slowly add 100gms of dye powder, stirring well until all powder is dissolved.

4. Allow to cool and pour into a screw-top container to store.


To dye 100gms of damp yarn you will need approximately 250mls of dye liquor. Fibre or tops will require more dye liquor than yarn.

These dyes come in three sizes:- 100gms, 250gms and 500gms.

The Colour Chart is as accurate as possible, but there may be a slight variation betwen monitors, so please allow for this when choosing your dyes.

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